This package is meant to provide an easy way to create and use a database, all data is stored persistently, and comes with additional easy to use features.


npm install quick.db

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var db = require('quick.db')

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What is Quick.db?

Quick.db is an easy to use database wrapper for better-sqlite3, it was designed to be simple to let new users who are just getting into development and don't want to worry about learning SQL just quite yet.


All data in quick.db is stored persistently in a database. Here is an example of setting an object in the database, then fetching parts & the full object.

const db = require('quick.db');

// Setting an object in the database:
db.set('userInfo', { difficulty: 'Easy' })
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy' }

// Pushing an element to an array (that doesn't exist yet) in an object:
db.push('userInfo.items', 'Sword')
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword'] }

// Adding to a number (that doesn't exist yet) in an object:
db.add('userInfo.balance', 500)
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword'], balance: 500 }

// Repeating previous examples:
db.push('userInfo.items', 'Watch')
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword', 'Watch'], balance: 500 }
db.add('userInfo.balance', 500)
// -> { difficulty: 'Easy', items: ['Sword', 'Watch'], balance: 1000 }

// Fetching individual properties
db.get('userInfo.balance') // -> 1000
db.get('userInfo.items') // -> ['Sword', 'Watch']

// Showing dot notation setting
db.set('userInfo.difficulty', 'Hard')
// -> { difficulty: 'Hard', items: ['Sword', 'Watch'], balance: 1000 }

db.get('userInfo.difficulty') // -> 'Hard'

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